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Whether you own a small duplex or
large apartment building, Pioneer pays exactly
what your property is worth and not a penny less.




You’ll have a chance to learn more
about us and we’ll learn more about
your property. If we’re a match, we’ll
schedule a convenient time to meet
at the property.



Our visit will be short and sweet.
We’ll take a quick look around,
evaluate the condition, ask a few
questions, and be on our way.



We can close in as little as 10 days or
on the date of your choice. Pioneer
will even pay for all of your closing
costs. It really is that simple!

Why Pioneer?

It’s simple: We take the stress out of selling. With Pioneer, there are absolutely no fees, no repairs, and no contingencies. Guaranteed.

arrowNO FEES: We are not real estate brokers, we are real estate buyers. Brokers charge up to 6% commissions and there is still no guarantee your property will be sold. With Pioneer there are absolutely no fees, no commissions, no daily showings, no open houses.

arrowNO REPAIRS: We buy your property in as-is condition. No need to clean, paint, or make repairs. Just take what you want and we’ll handle the rest.

arrowNO CONTINGENCIES: We use our own money and lenders to purchase every property we buy. That means, once we make you an offer, it’s a done deal. No lenghty bank approvals. No intrusive inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

All types! We buy 1, 2, and 3-family houses, small & large apartment buildings, commercial space, developable lots, and just about everything in between. Pioneer, along with its investment partners, own and manage over 650 residential and commercial units throughout Massachusetts. Thinking about selling? Give us a quick call and we’ll tell you right away if we’re interested in your property!
Pioneer is primarily focused on buying property in Greater Boston. (See map.)


Yes. There are several ways to reduce your tax burden when selling your property. Just a few of the many options include retaining partial ownership of your property, receiving proceed payments over a specified period of time, seller financing, and doing a 1031 exchange. Pioneer, along with our certified tax advisors will help work out a plan that works best for you.
We price your property based on 3 basic factors. 1.) How much income the property generates. 2.) How much income potential the property has. 3.) What comparable properties in similar condition have recently sold for.
It’s simple, we buy property in absolutely any condition. Holes in the roof? Busted pipes? Filled with junk? No problem! No need to clean, paint, remove junk, or make a single repair. Take what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.
Pioneer purchases all property with the current tenants in place and proudly honors all leases & tenant-at-will agreements.
No. We are real estate buyers. With Pioneer, there is no middle-man, no commissions, no fees, no showings, no open-houses, no repairs, no contingencies, no concessions. We offer a simple, fair, direct sale with none of the headaches.
Call us anytime at 617.564.1695. We are always here to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!


Please call, email, or message us today,
we look forward to hearing from you!

(617) 564-1695


1953 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

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  • “I have now sold 2 of my rental house to Pioneer Property Group. They are honest, fair, and professional. I wish I had more properties to sell!”
    -Robert Marino (Cambridge, MA)
  • “Our building was on the market for over a year when we contacted Pioneer. Within 3 weeks, Pioneer purchased our property. A huge relief for our family”
    -Mark and Helene Weeks (East Boston, MA)
  • “My property was vacant for several months after I moved in with my son. The pipes froze and caused considerable damage. Despite the damage, Pioneer made me a very fair offer.”
    -Mary Harty (Revere, MA)
  • “I put off selling my property for years because I was concerned about taxes. Pioneer was able to structure the sale so that I was able to pay less taxes and also continue receiving some monthly income.”
    -Ronald McNabb (Roxbury, MA)
  • “I cannot praise Pioneer Property Group enough. I thought selling my father’s home was going to be a nightmare. Pioneer walked us through the probate and made the sale unbelievably simple. Thank you!”
    -Newcomb Family (Boston, MA)

Referral Program


Do you know someone who owns a property they might consider selling?
If so, you can earn $5,000 or more just for telling us about the property!

How does it work?
1.) You tell us about a property.
2.) We sign a referral fee agreement with you.
3.) If we buy the property, we pay you $5,000 or more!

Where can I find property?
In the past, some of our property finders have connected us with friends,
family members, co-workers, church patrons, neighbors, business associates,
and the list goes on!

If you know someone with a property they might consider selling,
call or email us today and be on your way to $5,000!

(617) 564-1695


The Pioneer Property Group is a full-service real estate investment and development company based in Cambridge, MA. We specialize in purchasing and developing residential & commercial real estate throughout Greater Boston.

With a strong focus on community involvement, we pride ourselves on buying, building, and renovating properties that improve the surrounding neighborhood. We accomplish this with thoughtful investment, smart planning, and sustainable building & renovation practices. We also proudly utilize local tradespeople and area businesses!

From property owners and contractors to community and business leaders, Pioneer is well known throughout Greater Boston for being fair, honest, and experienced. We’ve built our portfolio one property at a time and treat every unique transaction with the utmost care and professionalism. If you have a property you would like to sell or develop and want to learn more about our business, please give us a call. We would love to hear from you!

(617) 564-1695


1953 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140